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Dolphin Tours

The Reef Runner Divers Dolphin Tour is the perfect tour! It provides something for everyone!
The best time to see dolphins is early in the morning, so we ask all dolphin tour customers to arrive at 8:00 so we can depart by 8:30. The boat ride for this tour is 45 minutes as we make our way to the area of the Vida Silvestre Gandoca-Manzanillo refuge, located in Punta Mona, near the Panama border. Although there is no guarantee of sightings, we see dolphins 80% of the time. In this area you will have the opportunity to see 7 different species including The Bottle Nose, The Atlantic Spotted and the Brazilian Tucuxi. Sometimes we see a few, sometimes many more. They can be very shy or they can swim along the side of the boat, jumping and playing.

Options for the dolphin tour are to go and see the dolphins followed by lounging on the beautiful beach in Punta Uva or having a guided snorkel tour or doing your own snorkelling off of Punta Uva or doing a guided SCUBA diving tour on the way back. Usually people who go on the dolphin tour will combine it with a snorkeling safari or a diving excursion, so the boat returns to Puerto Viejo around 3:00pm.

Our dolphin tours include round-trip boat transportation to Punta Mona, lunch, beverages and a guide to point out the dolphins and other interesting sights along the journey.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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